Finding the Right Type of Tote For Your Busy Life

Can you imagine a situation where a tote bag would not be a great idea? Most people cannot. Tote bags can carry virtually everything you will need during your routine day to day activities. There are many fashionable and practical designs when it comes to tote bags.

If you are a busy mom on the go with small children, then you understand the need for a tote bag. You may be beyond the diaper bag phase of parenting, but you still need to toss a rolled up extra change of clothes into a bag just in case a child has a spill or accident. This change of clothing will most likely be too large for your purse. Many small children also require a snack or juice box. Realistically these items could all fit into a large Ziploc bag, but you do not want to carry that Ziploc bag around. You could however place these items in a small waterproof bag and then place that bag into your tote bag. You can also toss your wallet, keys and small make up bag into your tote and be ready to go for a day out with your child or children. Many moms may opt for a tote that is either made of vinyl and can be wiped clean or a tote that is cotton and be tossed in the wash. Many fabric totes come with whimsical designs and can allow your personality to really shine. Every day totes can be found virtually anywhere you may shop. Bix box stores, online stores, department stores and even home-based businesses that focus on purses and totes will have a wide variety of every day totes.

If you commute for work and enjoy reading a book, magazine or tablet during your public transportation commute time you may want to also consider going to work with the best tote bags. A professional tote that can hold your lunch, small purse and any reading material would be ideal to carry into the office. Professional totes are often made of leather or a stylish vinyl and are typically solid colors or low-key prints that will go with any professional business attire. Business totes can be found from online stores and are also found in high end purse stores and department stores in the purse department.

Another popular type of tote is the weekend tote. Weekend totes are typically larger than every day totes and professional totes. Weekend totes can accommodate a few changes of clothing as well as beauty and health essentials. These weekend totes are great for weekends away or short business trips. These totes often fit in overhead and under seat storage if you are flying and are made of leather, fabric or vinyl. Weekend totes can be found near the luggage department in your favorite department store, online or through home-based tote and purse businesses.

There is such a large variety of style and function when it comes to totes. It is no wonder why so many women turn to totes for their day to day storage needs. Finding the right tote can be as simple as spending an afternoon out shopping. Many totes range from affordable and budget friendly prices to high end prices if you are shopping at specialty stores. Whichever type of tote you decide upon purchasing you will be happy to find it meets all your storage needs and you will no longer be juggling multiple items at once.