December 2018

6 Ridiculously Cute Comb Over Fade Hairstyles | Menshaircuts.Com

Meta Description: Do you want to rock a celebrity look this season with a comb over fade? You are just a click away from knowing how to rock some of the best comb over haircuts.

Comb Over Fade Haircuts: Understanding How to Style Fade Haircuts.

The comb over fade haircuts were some of the best and favourite haircuts amongst many men some couple years ago. However, because most celebrities have started sporting these hairstyles again, their popularity is increasing quickly and it is now the trendiest hairstyle and the talk of town.

These haircuts are now among the modern and fun haircuts and the best thing about them is that they are very versatile. From wavy comb over to tapered comb over, we have compiled this list of six comb over men’s haircuts to rejuvenate your look.

1. Short Comb Over Fade.

This comb over fade haircut is effortless to maintain since you will need to spend much of your valuable time every day. You only have to maintain your hair shorter and style spiky look on the front hair and maintain the rest of the manes to one side. However, you will need to use significant amount of pomade for a perfect appeal.

2. Razored Comb Over Hairstyle.

If there is one hairstyle that never go out of fashion is this hairstyle. So style your comb over fade hairstyle with a pompadour on the frontal hair and keep the sides razored. If you need a bolder look, go for a light beard look.

3. Mohawk Comb Over Style.

This is one of the boldest styles of faded comb over. However, it is not for faint hearted guys but for the diehard fashion enthusiasts. You can be bold enough and try it out too.

4. Polished Fade Comb Haircut.

Well, there are some times when you would want to appear absolutely gentleman. This is the right style to go for. A chic fade with comb over haircut for your short hair. Blonde men will find this haircut ideal.

5. Bushy Mid-Fade Comb Over.

There are also some times you will want to rock something messy. Even the messy hair can appear cool if you comb them over perfectly and this bushy mid-fade comb over is among these haircuts.
This is an ideal haircut for college and teenager who want to maintain the hair length somewhat longer than the standard length without the fear of being told to cut it by their teachers or parents.

6. Tape Fade Comb Over.

This is suitable haircut for guys who are in their 30s. However, to rock this cute style, you must have dense and thick hair. With this hair type, you can achieve a tapered look easily. Use hair gels and serums to make this hairstyle more appealing.

7. Slicked Back And Comb Over.

This is a beautiful blend of medium fade comb over and back swept style. It looks more like the side part but in reality it is a comb over …