The Wedding Store

In most locations, Saturday is the most common day of the week for weddings. The rumor mill went into overdrive when Elton John — a buddy of Princess Diana — canceled two scheduled concerts in Las Vegas for the weekend of the royal wedding as a consequence of a scheduling battle.” The Spice Women — who have hinted at reuniting for a tour this 12 months — might also provide dance floor leisure.

Sorry, but no, until you’re one in all 1,200 private company who get to take a seat in the chapel, or among the 2,640 further people ( together with members of the royal household and “regular ” individuals who work for charities, group organizations and the like) who’ve been invited to stand on the grounds of Windsor Citadel to watch the wedding get together enter and leave.

After Mario Testino was quietly sidelined by Kensington Palace within the wake of sexual harassment allegations , the extremely coveted role of the following-era royal photographer opened up. Step ahead Alexi Lubomirski, introduced this week because the official photographer for Meghan and Harry’s huge day.

Charles and Camilla’s official comings and goings are tracked by @ClarenceHouse on Twitter and Instagram William, Kate and Harry are represented in the identical spaces by @KensingtonRoyal, which has been incorporating Palace-sanctioned Meghan information into its feeds since the engagement was introduced.

In addition to the regular stuff — making official public appearances at varied events; making small talk with individuals in crowds; dressing extra conservatively and accessorizing her outfits with the sort of hats that young female royals appear required to wear in a means that is not ironic — Meghan has opted to (or needed to) convert to Anglicanism , the official faith in England, earlier than marrying Harry.

Kensington Palace is a royal residence that is currently house to not just Harry and Meghan, but William, Kate and their youngsters, as well as several different members of the royal household Buckingham Palace is the house of Harry’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.