JVN Movie Star Prom Dresses

Every woman likes to feel beautiful when heading to a particular event like a wedding, dinner with parents, and especially the romantic date with the right guy, especially if it’s prom season.

We want you to be inspired; If you still do not have a dress, you are in the right place. Regardless of the dress code or having a shy personality, your dress should be Academy Award worthy. Consider your best attributes and above all, your comfort when selecting your gown to express uniqueness and elegance.

Here you have a selection of five Movie Star Prom Dresses that would be perfect for this important day:

  1. Off The Shoulder: Glamor and drama queen

We are talking about the most ravishing look for only atrue diva can wear, including a wide spectrum of types of beauty as according to USA Today. The matching outfit for this fearless and sensual feminine entity is the edgy Black High Slit Dressby JVN, because:

  • It’s a long pattern with a slit on the leg up above the knee; sexy without revealing too much.
  • The center of this monochromatic on the front side is an unusual neckline divided into two sections by an exquisite detailed-lace. It extends with a wide neckline in the back bordered by the same fabulous floral details.

It is perfect to complement with a lip gloss wine color and a great vintage hairstyle.

  1. Modern Take

The hottest Movie Star Prom Dresses are known for having soft and light fabrics with transparent illusions. As an example, we have the super chic Blush Ruffle Slit V Neck Ruched Prom Dress:

  • Sleeveless design with pleated bodice. Perfect to highlight the natural silhouette of the carrier.
  • The color blush or light pink is one of the trends for the fashion industry in 2019; it allows it to look gorgeous and classy.
  • Ruffles take the eye to the slit in the skirt to show your fabulous legs out for photos and receive all the camera flashes.

The key is a natural makeup and an ultra-simple hairstyle.

  1. A Prom Classic

The most beloved piece during the prom season, it is a tight but comfortable dress with navy color logo. As an example, we have the Royal Fitted Open Back Prom Dress.

  • Its mermaid cut design gives a beautiful curvilinear figure.
  • The skirt with flounce makes it comfortable to walk and dance all night long.
  • This color is ideal for all skin tones.

Perfect to wear with loose hair and cut at shoulder height.

  1. Old Hollywood

If you feel drawn toward a conservative and a bit more classic look, this kind of dress is the option, the European line brings us the Taupe Off The Shoulder High Slit Prom Dress.

  • Thanks to its color you will look like a monument to prom.
  • Floor length fitting design shows only your best features.
  • Ideal to use with a side hairstyle and give a sensual touch.

  1. Truth or Dare

The Ivory Ruched Bodice Open Back Prom Dress is a model for risky girls.

  • Open in the back and with crossed straps inspired by the Greek mythology.
  • Its white color will make you stand out from the rest of the attendees that usually wouldn’t dare to use it.
  • Folds in the bodice mark the waist and creates a curvaceous silhouette.

Combine it with a ponytail like Ariana Grande to show off your shoulders and neck; here you can apply the cat eye.

If you want to dazzle with Movie Star Prom Dresses, put into practice the recommendations of this selection and add some beautiful accessories.

“Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who’s wearing it.” — Yves Saint Laurent