Best Tips for Dressing A Plus-Sized Body

Having a plus-sized body is something that you may be familiar with. Sometimes dressing your body can be a difficult feat as you fumble around with various clothing brands in different sizes. In order to make the dressing process easier, we’ve included our best tips below.

The first tip we have for you is to not stress over the colors. It’s been said that white can make parts of your body look bigger while black can make you look slimmer. The reality is that the colors you put together determine how they make your body look. We encourage you to consider putting various tones of colors together into each outfit to make it look more appealing. If you’re purchasing a new wardrobe, then it’s always a good idea to stick with some more neutral colors to start off with. This will ensure that you have a large selection of items that can be put together with one another.

Next, avoid those flimsy fabrics. One of the biggest mistakes made by plus-sized women is wearing clothes that are of a flimsy makeup. These reveal every little bump on your body. Instead, you should opt for sturdier fabrics that hide those unflattering bumps. Also, realize that the sturdier the fabric, the less likely you are to reveal your undergarments in the sun. With the light, flimsy fabric, you can almost guarantee that they’ll stand out under your clothing in the hot summer sun.

While it may be your initial instinct to put on more clothing that looks baggier around those curves, you should avoid doing so at all costs. This is a huge mistake that will make your body look much bigger than it actually is. Instead, opt for clothing that actually is in your size. It shouldn’t be overly clingy, but it shouldn’t hang from your body either. A neat, fitted look can help to make your curvy figure look delicious while avoiding make you look bigger than you actually are.

Plus-sized bodies typically have a heavier chest or a heavier bottom region. Wherever your specific highlights are, you should draw attention to them. For example, if you have a larger bust, it can pay to wear a long necklace from Torrid along with a v-neck shirt. This will draw attention to your upper body and away from your mid-section. If you have a larger bottom region, you should consider going with high-rise jeans as they will draw attention away from your mid-section and highlight your lower body. Use your clothing and accessories to highlight those regions you’re proud of as they will draw attention away from regions you would rather hide.

Dressing a plus-sized body can be difficult at first. By understanding the basic tips that are explained above, you’ll have a better foundation to choose your outfits. Remember that no matter what outfits you choose, they should be comfortable for you to wear. The biggest part of looking good in your clothing is choosing items that make you feel good about your body.