A Rundown of Beach Outfits for the Back Half of Summer

It’s time – past time, in point of fact – to plan out your beach wardrobe for the summer. Whether you’re planning for a vacation, a one-day outing, or just general casual water-side lazing, you’ll find my list of cute, designer bikinis UK, stylish outfit inspirations useful.

Beachwear is usually synonymous with keeping it casual, but there are certain situations that inspire you to look for something a little dressier. Beach dates or big events like concerts can send you hunting for something distinctive. There are also casual beach outfits put together for those days that get close to the water but don’t include the possibility of taking a dip. And of course, for occasions that DO call for getting wet, you’ll still need a cover-up and some accessories along with your swimsuit.

Take inspiration from the outfits described here; they’re perfect starting points for planning your own unique looks!

1) Beach + Dressy

The key to lending a sophisticated air to a beach outfit is minding the details. A long-sleeved white blouse is breezy and comfortable, but the lacy sleeves attract attention and make a classy impression. When paired up with tropical shorts, matching sandals, and a stylish summer hat, you’ll be perfectly poised for all sorts of elegant fun at the beach: grabbing brunch, going shopping, enjoying a concert, or meeting a date.

2) Boho Beach Possibilities

When the beach’s main draw becomes soaking up the sunshine, you can’t beat a bikini. Go beyond the standard two-piece by looking for floral patterns, embroidery, and stitching that add some boho flair. Coordinate this look with a flowery cover-up or caftan and a wide-brimmed shade hat.

3) Cute Beach Bikini

If you intend to spend your day on the sand but not necessarily in the water, combine a bikini with a tie-dye look and some basic denim shorts for a fun and comfy combo. You’ll be ready to laze the day away as soon as you add a sun hat and some matching bracelets.

4) Printed Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are surprisingly versatile when you’re headed for the beach. Make them dressy by adding heels or simply use them as beach cover-ups. Donna Morgan makes a particularly perfect maxi for this, combining timeless style (accordion pleating + plain white top) with an undeniably beachy vibe. Further print options to explore include stripes, tie-dye, floral patterns, and ikat prints.

5) Maxi Cover-Ups

If you’re using a maxi as a cover-up, take a look at your lacy see-through options. You want something that will keep you cool even at the height of summer! Just remember that sheer dresses don’t provide protection from the sun. You’ll need to be generous with the sunscreen.

6) Reading Material + Crochet

Looking for something a bit distinctive? Attract a few more eyes by donning a tee or tank with a printed saying. These go perfectly with crocheted shorts. It’s a perfect outfit for beach picnics; you can extend its range for casual shopping and dining by adding some sandals and a lightweight jacket.

7) The Unique Romper

Rompers have come back in a big way in recent years, and they’re particularly suited to beachwear over a bathing suit. If you’d like something a little more distinctive, hunt up the rare and eye-catching crocheted romper. For further notability, look for one that includes unique cutouts or back work, exotic materials, or a colourful belt.

8) Intensify Your Look With Neon

The sand is the perfect place to sport some maximum-intensity colours. Neon isn’t for eve