3 reasons why Banarasi silk sarees are the definition of traditional elegance

The art of making a Banarasisaree is an ancient one and its roots lie in Varanasi which is located in Uttar Pradesh in India. Earlier it was exclusively made for the royalty as silk was considered as a symbol of luxury, but today it is accessible to the common people as well. Also, before the evolution of the designs that were made on the saree Persian motifs along with the traditional ones were most used during the weaving process.Today you can even find a large variety of designs in Banarasiwhich you can shop online and avail them at discounted prices without having to go at the specific stores which might not be present in your region.

Here are the three reasons which make Banarasi silk sareeshighly desirable and an epitome of elegance:

  1. They are intricately woven

Making a banarasisaree requires a special technique and detailed craftsmen which it why it takes days to make one. At least three or more craftsmen work on one saree at a time and eventually weave the magic. Also, in case they are working on a royal design, it might even take them a year to accomplish it. These sarees hold a significant importance in the Indian households and are passed down to generations which is a proof of their durability and quality of the material that is used in making them. Benarasisarees are also an important part of the wedding trousseau due to the elaborate work that is done on them. The Katan silk in particular is considered ideal for such an occasion as it comes with certain heaviness and is crafted intricately. On the other hand, the organza sarees are considered ideal for every Indian season and may or may not involve the use of Zari and brocade work along with buttis or borders.

  1. The requires great skills in making

The elegance of the Banarasisaree lies in the craftsmanship and the technique that is used in the process which involves working on a single piece for days. The authentic Benarasisaree that you would find is made of the purest silk which is uber smooth and is not easy to work as it requires great skills during the weaving process to get the threads together. Earlier in the ancient times, you could find the zari work on these sarees made with pure silver and gold threads but today copper threads are mostly used with silver or gold polish on them however the former style can also be customised.

  1. It can be woven on a variety of fabrics

The Banarasisaree is not just restricted to the silk fabric and can be found in cotton, organza, tissue, Masuria, georgette and many more. The designs on each of the fabrics are quite different and unique in themselves, for instance, the georgette banarasisaree make use of resham weaving techniques the Tanchoiwork involves the use of a self-design weave which does not make use of a front yarn unlike the brocades.  Other varieties include tissue, kadiyal, Jamawar, and several others.

After reading about the reasons as to why the Benarasisarees are quite popular, you might surely be convinced into buying them. However, it is advised that you have a keen eye before purchasing them as these days sellers can lure you into buying sarees which are not made of pure silk and charge you significantly at the same time. Always buy the Benarasisaree from a trusted vendor so that you get the fine material.